MP Report: Canada’s CF-18s

Dear friends, Earlier this week, the Liberal government ended the combat mission of Canada’s CF-18 fighter aircraft in Iraq and Syria and are redefining the nature of the engagement. Over the past year, air strikes from coalition forces, including Canada, have limited ISIS to 25% of the territory it once held. Lester Pearson once said that whether Canadians fire a rifle in Korea or in Europe, they are protecting people at home themselves. These ISIS terrorists are not mere thugs. They are a death cult that has declared war on the civilized world, including Canada. Their soldiers have reportedly [...]

February 19th, 2016|

MP Report: The Liberal Deficit

“Let us make no mistake: the Government of Canada will post a deficit for the 2015-16 fiscal year.” –The Honourable Bill Morneau, Canada’s Liberal Minister of Finance, speaking in the House of Commons on February 4th 2016.   Dear friends, In 2014-2015, the Government of Canada ran a surplus of $1.9 billion. At the same time, government revenues (your taxes) were the lowest in over 50 years. The most recent issue of the Department of Finance Canada’s Fiscal Monitor noted that from April to November 2015, there was a budgetary surplus of $1.0 billion, compared to a deficit of [...]

February 5th, 2016|

MP Report: Energy East Pipeline

Dear Friends, Yesterday in the House of Commons, the Conservative Party used its opposition day to force a debate on the following Motion: a) recognize the importance of the energy sector to the Canadian economy and support its development in an environmentally sustainable way; b) agree that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil; c) acknowledge the desire for the Energy East pipeline expressed by the provincial governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick; and d) express its support for the Energy East pipeline currently under consideration. (Background: TransCanada’s “Energy East” project would create a pipeline from [...]

January 29th, 2016|

MP Report: Fighting ISIL

Dear friends, The threat of ISIL is very real and affects us all. ISIL indiscriminately targets women, religious minorities including Christians, and uses online videos of mass executions as a recruiting tool. Just two months ago in Paris, ISIL militants killed 130 people and injured 360 others. Last month in San Bernardino California, ISIL agents killed 14 and seriously injured 22 others. Earlier this week, 25 persons including 6 Canadian humanitarian workers were killed when ISIL terrorists opened fire in Burkina Faso. Since the Paris attacks in November 2015 France, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, Turkey, Russia and [...]

January 22nd, 2016|

Response to the Speech from the Throne

Ottawa, ON December 4, 2015 – Today, Kelly Block Member of Parliament for Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek expressed her concern with many of the Government’s priorities outlined in today’s Speech from the Throne. “I was very disappointed to hear the Liberals plan for this upcoming Parliament,” said MP Block. “There was no mention of the importance of the private sector including agriculture, natural resources or manufacturing.” She is also concerned by the Liberal Government’s plan to ramp up government spending which will drive Canada into deficit and their plan to raise taxes on the middle class. “I was also very surprised [...]

December 4th, 2015|