March 22nd, 2016 – Ottawa, ON

Today in the House of Commons, the Minister of Finance introduced his first budget and finally confirmed what has been long suspected; in less than 5 months the Liberals have taken Canada from a budget surplus to a massive deficit. This deficit is significantly larger than the “modest” deficit promised by the Liberal Party during the 2015 federal campaign.

Kelly Block, Member of Parliament for Carlton Trail – Eagle Creek and Transport Critic for her Majesty’s Official Opposition expressed disappointment that the Minister of Finance is busy indebting future generations with his spending spree rather than supporting hard working Canadians and job creators by lowering taxes, increasing trade, and cutting red tape.

“Everyone but this Liberal Prime Minister understands that sooner or later this deficit will have to be paid back” said MP Block. “The Liberal government will have to either significantly raise the taxes of middle class Canadians or enact draconian cuts to transfers payments to the provinces like they did in the 1990’s”.

“At the very least, the Finance Minister should have provided Canadians with a plan to return to balanced budgets in the medium term. By failing to do so, the Prime Minister and his Finance Minister have shown incredible disregard for Canadian taxpayers.”

“This is an expensive budget for Canada’s middle class”.